Gold Rush
Image © Noel Cunningham  

“Get in the mood with this simple mix of Red Bull, ginger ale and a splash of rum. Garnish with grated lemon zest for a nice touch.”  – Chef Noel Cunningham, Cuisine by Noel


Jamaican Sprinter
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Caribbean, Jamaican
Author: Noel Cunningham
  • 1 oz white rum
  • 2 oz ginger ale
  • 3 oz Red Bull
  • Ice cubes
  • Grated lime/ lemon zest
  1. In a glass with ice, pour rum, ginger ale and Red Bull then top with lime or lemon zest. Serve.


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Noel Cunningham


Noel is a Jamaican chef who creates culinary experiences that bring people together with great food.

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