’Tis the season for outdoor cooking and no other food group celebrates it quite like condiments. Dip, dab and drizzle your way through summer with our must-have condiment picks. They’re exotic, flavour-full, and authentically Caribbean!

Seasoned Sauces

seasoned sauces

Soy sauce is great for dipping seafood, meats and veggies, and you know what else it’s great for? Sprinkling over vanilla ice cream! Try it with some hot sauce too.   

Hot Sauces

hot sauces

Consider hot sauce the finishing touch. What gives the dish that extra kick, excitement. For those who like things fiery grab the Blazing Hot Sauce.



Fruit chutneys make the ultimate dip but if you want a dip with a difference, try the Passion Fruit Sauce.

The Staples


No summer meal is complete without mayo or ketchup. Period. And Baron Foods (masters of flavour, of course) takes these staples to a “summer” level with their citrus infused mayonnaise and Banana Ketchup (you’ve got to try it with BBQ).

Best thing? You can go heavy on the mayo sans guilt because it’s fat free (sing that last bit). Which takes us to…

Salad Dressing

salad dressing

Kiss all (other) salad dressings goodbye and say HELLO to Baron Foods Caribbean Twist range! They’re your fave dressings upgraded with Caribbean ingredients like ginger and passion fruit and best of all – they’re Fat Free.


Baron Foods

Baron Foods is a manufacturing company with plants located in three Caribbean countries. We currently manufacture over 150 products, including exotic and gourmet sauces, condiments, spices, flavourings, low fat mayonnaise, salad dressings and drink cocktails.

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