Meet the talented people from across the region, who play a part in making Cooking Sense possible!

Chef Noel Cunningham
Cuisine by Noel
“Oh, we think that we’ve found ourself a cheerleader…” Oh yes, OMI! He is Noel Cunningham, an outstanding young Jamaican who has supported our vision from day one. His culinary journey has been filled with incredible learning experiences from Jamaica to Canada, where he currently resides. Socially known as Chef Cunny, he is the dynamic force behind his catering company, Cuisine by Noel, on a mission to celebrate the love and joy of people coming together to enjoy great food and company.
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Chef LAM
Gasparillo Junction
That Chef Lam (yes, LAM for Leigh-Ann Martin. We didn't miss the G but you can call her glam too!) is a sexy foodist with a passion for “showcasing Caribbean food in a fine dining atmosphere”. Although she's been cooking for "many" since the age of 12, now she's showing readers of her blog, Gasparillo Junction, how to cook for just one; delights with pleasantly descriptive accounts of her food adventures and tempts sexy, single and alike, with her elegantly plated meals. Don’t take our word for it, go see for yourself.
Chantay Campbell
Greedy Girl Cooks
Chantay Campbell is the foodie behind one of our favourite Under the Radar Caribbean food blogs and a cook with a big heart. She’s of the belief that if you can’t cook, you shouldn't eat. So she's made it her mission, to help out those who need to learn to cook with her blog - Greedy Girl Cooks. And for those who can cook, she shares her “wealth” of “yummies” for inspiration. Like her Boneless, Cheese-stuffed Fried Drumsticks - a piece of goodness-guaranteed!
Nita Ragoonanan
Tastes Spicy
Nita is a spicy diva in the kitchen with "a hot sauce in [her] bag, swag" Because in the words of Benjai, "she's ah Trini" and you know how Trinis does cook, cook, cook. . . with 'nuff spice and flavour! Nita loves being in the kitchen exploring new recipes in her adventures with fresh and new ingredients, which she so graciously shares on her blog Tastes Spicy.

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