Ackee and Saltfish
Image © Greedy Girl Cooks

If you grew up in the Caribbean then you must be familiar with the saying, “You need a solid meal in your belly first thing in the morning!” I remember hearing it daily during my high school days, at which time I was of the opinion that I was too ‘big woman’ to have a cup of tea every morning.

Well, Jamaicans take that saying very seriously because they are one of the islands that serve the heartiests breakfasts in the Caribbean. Sitting down to a classic Jamaican breakfast is akin to sitting down for dinner (not that we’re complaining or anything). You are presented with a variety of foods including both sweet and savoury options, like these three from our dichotomous foodie Chantay Campbell, the Greedy Girl Cook from Jamaica!

1. Ackee and Saltfish with Fried Dumplings

Ackee and Saltfish with Fried Dumplings
Image © Greedy Girl Cooks

It’s not scrambled eggs, it’s Jamaica’s national dish. Completely unique in flavour, ackee is mild and buttery, sautéed with the briny codfish for a perfect Jamaican breakfast.” Get the recipe.

2. Saltfish Fritters aka Stamp and Go

Image © Greedy Girl Cooks

Call it fritters or stamp and go, both names refer to this delicious meat-filled, fried batter that is said to be Jamaica’s original fast food.” Get the recipe.

3. Mackerel Run Down

Mackerel Run Down
Image © Greedy Girl Cooks

Here, the marriage of pickled fish and coconut milk gives birth to breakfast greatness, especially with a side of boiled green bananas.Get the recipe.

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