Chef Natasha Forde on set of Cutthroat Kitchen.

Being on Cutthroat Kitchen was fun and stressful all at the same time –  being in the studio and filming for long hours is a lot of hard work. It was my first taste of television and I was as nervous as ever, which showed. I made a lot of mistakes but I got a taste of the ins and outs of how to cook and compete on television. The experience also gave me the skills to compete even better on ABC Network’s “The Taste”.

Despite it [Cutthroat Kitchen] being a shorter show and not winning, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience including the gift bag that I received upon arrival at the hotel, meeting the other contestants and above all else – Alton Brown.

On the other hand, I took away several lessons that helped me grow not only professionally but also personally.

1. Remain focused on the challenge at hand: this is a game of mental strength and strategy not just cooking talent.

2. Don’t take anything personal: business is business so when rejected or criticized, take it with a grain of salt.

3. Show strength and resilience in the face of opposition: be brave and have courage so you can dig in with your heels and fight.

4. I am capable to do and achieve anything that I set my mind to: this is the truest statement in the world. Once I became insecure, it was easy for me to begin to second guess myself.

5. I am a badass Chef and I can cook really well: in the face of not winning, I earned the right to be called Chef and stand tall against those who had a lot more experience than I did. And…Anthony Bourdain raved about my food.

Words by Chef Natasha Forde

Photo by Food Network

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