Cassava Jam Curls

Buh-bye boiled Cassava!

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in St. Lucia has published a cookbook featuring 25 original cassava recipes, and who knew  the starchy staple could be prepared in such sweet and savoury ways!

Not many, according to Ikumi Rikimaru, the JICA volunteer who coordinated the book. “At this year’s Cassava & Seafood Festival, a survey conducted showed that many locals don’t know how to prepare and treat cassava. As a result, Department of Agriculture decided to develop a book highlighting the various ways of preparing, treating and using raw cassava and cassava products”, shared Rikimaru. She hopes the information provided “helps to increase consumption of cassava and other local ingredients in St. Lucia.”

Ranging from fresh twists on traditional favourites to creative gourmet dishes, the recipes were developed in partnership with local bakeries, hotels, restaurants, and even schools. All recipes were reviewed by Lisa Hunt-Mitchell, Chief Nutritionist from the Ministry of Health and Wellness

Cassava Roti
Cassava Roti by Jedediah Papin (Get the recipe)

Cassava Pone 
Cassava Pone by Mannee’s Bakery (Get the recipe)

Cassava Blended Pancakes
Cassava Blended Pancakes by Lisa Hunt-Mitchell (Get the recipe)

Cassava Jam Curls
Cassava Jam Curls by Delma James (Get the recipe)

You can browse the free digital copy of the cookbook right here


Saint Lucia's Cassava Recipe Book

The St. Lucia Cassava Recipe Book is a joint collaboration between:

Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture

Japan International Cooperation Agency
Japan International Cooperation Agency

Food and Agriculture of United Nations

Ministry of Health and Wellness
Ministry of Health and Wellness








Ministry of Agriculture (Saint Lucia)


Our aim is to develop St. Lucia's Agricultural sector to ensure increased production of quality food and other commodities through environmentally sustainable management practices for the benefit of the entire population.


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